We participate in most major health insurance plans.

``On the go parents`` need flexibility. We offer day, evening and even weekend appointments!

All therapists are very experienced.

PuppyLove Speech Therapy LLC, provides speech and language therapy to children in their homes or around their central New Jersey community.

All therapists are licensed by the State of New Jersey and have their ASHA (American Speech Language Association) CCC’s (Clinical Certificate of Competence) and many years of clinical experience treating children with a variety of disorders. We treat children from toddlers to teens and beyond for those who have articulation or fluency issues to those who are on the autism spectrum or have developmental disabilities. We look forward to working with you to help you child get the best results.

Our therapists specialize in disorders found in children with developmental disabilities and autism. We offer traditional evaluations and individual therapy, community based social skills, Hanen Language Program “It Takes Two to Talk”, Therapeutic Listening Program, IEP consultation, PECS and augmentative device setup and training.

Let us come into your home, virtually, until the schools re-open.



  • Typically Covered by Insurance

  • Suitable for all Ages

  • Safe, Effective, Fun!

  • Prevents Regression

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Speech and Language Therapy is a practice of techniques demonstrated by scientists designed to accomplish specific goals. We will design specific speech and language goals that we would like your child to reach. Our therapists will schedule regular sessions to work with your child to demonstrate techniques and strategies to reach those goals. Our therapists' goal is to maximize your child's overall communication in his activities of daily living and social arenas. We find that providing therapy in the home and school provides an ideal setting for maximizing success that translates into REAL WORLD communication functioning that your child will be able to use everyday. We also find that home based therapy can help us tailor your families needs, values and cultures into the therapy so that both your voice and your child's voice is heard to maximize the progress and generalization in his community. Just fill out the questionnaire and call us to get started! Our therapists will want to review the child's medical background and schedule an evaluation. Afterwards, our therapist that has been personally matched to your child will schedule a therapy treatment scheduling according to your child's diagnosis and severity as well as consulting you about your family's wishes and the insurance constraints.