About Us

PuppyLove Speech Therapy LLC, provides “on the go speech and language therapy” to children in their homes or around their central New Jersey community for “on the go parents and families.”.

All speech therapists are licensed by the state of NJ and have their ASHA (American Speech Language Association) CCC’s (Clinical Certificate of Competence) as well as NJ speech/language school specialist certification.  Therapists with PuppyLove Speech Therapy have many years of clinical experience treating children with a variety of speech disorder and medical diagnoses. We treat children from toddlers to teens and beyond for those who are on the spectrum or have developmental disabilities. We look forward to working with you to help you child get the best results.

Is your child falling behind? Call us now to schedule! Teletherapy can help you prevent your child's regression!

Please call us to discuss your tele therapy options.